New Chevy Ad Highlights Siri and Eyes Free

danny-ori-noggins-edge-siri-eyes-freeChevy has introduced the button to end all buttons. Their entry-level Sonic seems to be the perfect vehicle to release the all-new Eyes Free integration, built into Apple’s iOS 6. Siri is at the heart of Eyes Free and, playing off of the term hands-free, is exactly what it sounds like: a steering wheel button activates Siri on your iPhone to read you text messages, directions, play music and even check your schedule and sports scores, among other tasks. What’s interesting, though, is that the Sonic is barely mentioned in Chevy’s commercial, which ultimately benefits Apple as the carmaker pushes awareness for the vehicle.


After pushing the limits of pushing buttons, introducing the button on your Chevrolet Sonic’s steering wheel to end all buttons. With Siri integration in the Chevy Sonic, anything you need is available at the touch of a button.


High-end technology in automobiles typically gets introduced in flagship models, often taking a few years to trickle down into more affordable vehicles. Chevy is reversing this trend, with the Sonic being the first vehicle available with Siri integration. Other automakers plan to introduce the technology, including Audi, Mercedes, Hondo and Acura.

What I’ve seen in the car industry is that younger buyers find appeal in affordable vehicles that include technology typically found in higher-end models. iPod integration, for example, which seems to be standard or available in every car, originally started out in more expensive models. By making certain technologies available, and even debuting them in the most affordable cars, automakers are more likely to build brand loyalty with buyers at a younger age.

As for Apple, this is an important space to be in. I believe the dashboard is one of the next big fighting arenas for operating systems and technology integration. You can bet Google and Microsoft are trying pretty hard behind the scenes to push Apple aside in the car space.

Now if I could only figure out what she was doing driving in a circle….

Danny Ori

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