Ferrari Unveils its Latest Hypercar

Put your seat belts on, folks.  Ferrari has introduced its latest hypercar, oddly called “LaFerrari.”  Replacing the 11-year old Enzo, LaFerrari incorporates the latest aerodynamics inspired from their Formula One racing division and a first-ever electric engine – yes, we have a hybrid hypercar!  Ferrari has come leaps and bounds over the past decade, keeping the brand as elite as it can get, while remaining a top player in the sports car world.  As of a few years ago, Ferrari did not have a marketing budget.  I’m uncertain if that still is the case, but when the Prancing Horses want attention, they get it. And that’s the real power of Ferrari’s brand.


To reach 205 mph, LaFerrari incorporates active aerodynamics, which are somewhat shown in their introductory video (below).  They seem to have taken this to the next level, with flaps rising and lowering as the vehicle accelerates, corners and stops.  But aerodynamics are just the beginning: the all-new, 6.3L V12 pushing out 789 horsepower that redlines at an insane 9,250 RPM – and there’s still even more!

Adding to the power is a 161 horsepower electric motor, giving LaFerrari a total of 950 HP and 660 pound-feet of torque.  All told, LaFerrari hits 60 mph in less than three seconds, which is only appropriate for vehicle that will cost somewhere in the range of $1.2 to $1.5 million.  With only 499 of them being built, you’re already too late.  Ferrari claims that all have been spoken for.  As for brand power, Ferrari has the ability to select their owners.  They want their Prancing Horses to be sold only to individuals that best represent their brand and values.  Although not unheard of, this approach is rare and keeps their brand elite and exclusive.

Your best bet is to look for a used Ferrari, as the purchaser review process is much less stringent.  Or you can keep dreaming.

Danny Ori

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